Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Who can ride?

A: Anyone. BCT is a public transportation system.
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Q: How can I get a ride?

A: Call BCT at 515-432-5038 to arrange for a ride
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Q: Do you run fixed routes?

A: No, we do not have specific bus stops. We provide a demand-response service which means that the pickup and dropoff locations are specified when you call.
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Q: Can I get a ride for today?

A: Because BCT is a demand-response service all trips need to be scheduled at least one day ahead of the date of the trip, so that we can fit all the rides together into the schedule. Occasionally, there are open times in the schedule for same-day rides. They are not always available and should not be regularly relied upon. If you have extenuating circumstances and do happen to need a ride today, feel free to call and check for the availability of a same day trip.
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Q: I am on Medicaid, do I have to pay for transportation?

A: BCT participates with all 3 MCO providers in the State of Iowa. To inquire about Medical Trips, please call our office.
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Q: Can I take my pet with me on the bus to the vet, for example?

A: Service animals are the only animals allowed on the bus. No other animals are allowed on the bus.
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Q: I am only going to run in, can the bus wait for me?

A: BCT is a public transportation service, as such we are not able to wait for you after we drop you off. For return trips you can either setup a return ride for a few minutes later, or setup a "will call" and call our office when you are ready to go, and we will send the next available bus to pick you up.
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Q: How do I know if the buses are running during bad weather?

A: BCT closes when roads are not passable or it is unsafe to travel due to inclement weather. Check the Home page of our website, Local News Radio AM 1590 KWBG, or KCCI News Channel 8 for updates on BCT closings.
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Q: I think I left something on the bus, how can I retrieve it?

A: All items left on the bus are put in the Lost & Found at the BCT office. Stop by our office, if you think you may have left something on the bus. At the end of the school year all unclaimed items will be donated to Goodwill.
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